Get Sales Meetings On A Performance Basis


We Will Generate 5-15 Qualified Sales Meetings Per Month (on a pay-per-call basis)

So you only pay for qualified calls that show up

You Only Pay For Qualified Sales Calls

Are You Currently
Struggling With

Getting new clients predictably

Not being able to generate leads consistently for your business is causing a growth plateau

Relying on referrals too much

You don't know where your next client will come from because you're relying on referrals and word of mouth

Wasting time and money

You've wasted time and money on other marketing strategies like Paid Ads or SEO and you didn't get good results


A consistent stream of new sales calls every month

With our outbound marketing system you will be able to reliably book sales calls with your Ideal Customer Profile

A predictable way of acquiring new clients

Because you will have a stream of sales calls with potential clients every month

You won't have to worry about where the next client will come from

Because you won't have to keep relying on referrals

Save 100's of hours by not having to figure this out yourself

To run cold email campaigns effectively, there's a lot of small things that need to be done correctly. So you can skip that learning curve by working with an expert.

Save thousands of dollars

By not having to hire a full time SDR or having to spend thousands on other marketing methods and hoping that it works

You Only Pay For Qualified Sales Calls

Our Simple Process

This is the 3-Step process we use to get results for our clients

Fill out an onboarding form and book an onboarding call so we can create a tailored strategy for you

Based on your Offer and ICP, we will:
- Build a cold email infrastructure
- Build a lead list with your ideal clients
- Write highly relevant email scripts

Run the outbound campaigns and convert the positive responses into booked sales calls for you

What's Included

Done-for-you Outbound Sales System

We will set up and manage a cold email system for you, in order to put you in contact with potential clients

Inbox Management

We take care of handling all the responses from the prospects and converting them into sales calls

About Us

Hi, I'm Alberto Rivas. I'm the founder of Alberto Rivas Marketing.I have experience using cold email to generate sales calls and sign new clients for my own business.I've been able to do this by learning from some of the best marketers in the industry and spending 5 figures on education and coaching.Now I help other agency owners by applying all this knowledge to their specific business.

You only pay for qualified calls that show up

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